Krista Bradley's Bio

I’m from Austin and I Love Austin!

Growing up in Austin was a wonderful experience for me because Austin has the advantages of a big city, but is friendly like a small town. After graduation I moved to several other cities and states but nothing ever felt “like home” to me. So recently, when I got the chance to move back to the area I jumped on it. My husband is not from the area but has loved Austin since visiting it in the 90’s so of course he too was glad to be here. All our children love the area and I feel that Austin has so many opportunities for children and young adults. So if you are new to Austin I know you will love it too. If you are already here – I know you feel the same way I do. This is home and it doesn’t get any better than this.

In addition to working, I have a blended family of six children which takes a lot of my time and energy. Four of the six children are grown, we have one left in HS, and one in College. One of these days my husband and I hope to be able to travel and enjoy everything Austin has to offer. Another interesting fact about me is that I love Drag Racing, and I raced for several years until life got just too busy with 6 kids!  I also lived in the Virgin Islands while attending college (until Hurricane Hugo) and that was truly amazing, not many people get the chance to do that. But no matter where I have gone or what I have done everything always leads me back to Austin!