Michael Sanguiliano's Bio

Michael, who became a Texas native after moving here in 1981, brings a collaborative and knowledgeable approach to real estate. Growing up, he worked a long side his father and brother in the home building industry – learning at an early age about hard work, dedication, and integrity – and ultimately lighting the path to his now successful real estate career.
Michael loves a good challenge and is incredibly resourceful. His working relationships with lenders, new home builders, insurance, title companies, moving services, and temporary housing are just a few in his network to better provide an unsurpassed level of service and to put his client’s worries at ease.
With his diverse background, Michael is a valuable addition to our growing CROTX family. His accolades are outstanding though he stays true to his roots by: Knowing his clients, understands their goals, and guides them through the home buying (or selling) process with sincerity and peace-of-mind

When Michael is not putting on his real estate cape, you can find him indulging his wanderlust on Hawaii’s tropical coastal line to China’s breathtaking Great Wall. When he and his wife are not adding another ink impression to their passports, you’ll find him at local eateries, hanging out with family and friends, and enjoying the outdoors with their fur-kid Neiman.